Customer Integrations

We can help you fully integrate a Found ID program into your marketing mix. We can make integration seamless for your customers and create more brand engagement.
Do my customers need to register?
Yes. We need to link their email (at the very least) and their mobile number to their unique Found ID. That way we can notify them by text and email when their item is found. They’ll receive the finder’s contact info and message.

How do my customers register?
We have two options.

Self Registration

Just as it sounds, your customers are directed to an activation page customized with your branding hosted on The fill out a simple form and we tie their info to their unique Found ID.


You provide us with their email and name (at minimum), mobile number and address. We then link that to their unique Found ID. We’ll email them with a branded email welcoming them to the service and asking them to sign in and create a password (and double-check the info we have).
But even if they just take the sticker and put it on their phone, the system will work.

Could you send my customers the package?
Yes. We have fulfillment options available. Let’s chat about your specific needs.

Where do most of your clients put their stickers and tags?
It’s a personal choice and can be anything as common as a phone or as personal as a chess trophy – whatever is most important to your customers. Here are the most common places:
  • Phone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Keys
  • Luggage
  • Backpack
  • Access key cards
  • Lunchboxes
  • Notebooks and school supplies
  • Glasses cases
  • Sports equipment
Anything that’s easy to misplace and hard to replace.

Will Found ID share the contact information our customers input into Found ID’s system?
Found ID is based in the principle that privacy is extremely important. (Why else would we use unique numbers instead of our actual names and phone numbers?) We never share, rent or abuse our members contact information. If your company would like access to that information we very blatantly inform your customers during registration that we will be sharing their info with you, but no one else.

Who handles our customers inquiries?
Found ID does. And quickly.

Can we give our customers more stickers and tags next year or in 6 months?
Yes! They can have multiple IDs attached to one email address.

How long does the set-up take for our company?
We can have stickers, tags and a customized system put together for you in less than a month.