What is Found ID?

Found ID is a lost and Found ID service when customized with your branding turns into a unique and effective promotional and advertising tool.
What is Found ID:
Found ID is a proven, worldwide lost and found identification service and branding tool. We customize our labels with your branding to expand your exposure and reach exponentially. The ID service gives people an easy and private way to label their most important items. This unique and valuable service motivates your customers to put your logo and branding on their possessions, thereby placing customized and targeted billboards in your customers everyday lives.

How does Found ID help get back lost items:
  1. We give our members a unique number and ways to label and tag their items.
  2. When found, the finder enters the unique number into our secure system.
  3. Our member is notified by text and email with the finder’s contact info and message. Since every situation is different, the member then arranges to recover their item.

How can Found ID benefit my company?
  1. We customize our stickers and/or tags with your branding.
  2. You give them to your customers. See Best Practices.
  3. They’ll put these mini-billboards on anything that’s easy to misplace, but hard to replace.

How reliable is the service? Where can I use it?
We work wherever there is internet, so virtually anywhere. Our system is rock solid and our return rates hover around 92%.

How Found ID Works