Organizations of all sizes use Found ID to increase their loyalty, build community, boost renewals, increase new sales, spark organic conversations, reward their members, thank their customers, incentivize employees, given as a trade show promotion and as value added benefit for tiered programs.
What type of companies or organizations could utilize Found ID’s branding solution?
Found ID works with any organization that is looking to retain and attract new, quality business should investigate Found ID as part of your marketing mix. Here is a brief list of industries where we’ve found success and synergies.


  • Freshman Orientation to create community
  • All graduating students
  • Alumni promotion
  • All students
  • Fundraiser for school
  • Show pride

Insurance and Financial Services

  • New policyholder
  • Upgrade or added policy
  • New car or home
  • New child or married
  • Anniversary with company
  • Loyalty reward
  • Retention gift


  • 6 Weeks before a scheduled trip
  • Return guests
  • Tier Awards
  • Traveling for Pleasure instead of Business

Member and Affinity Groups

  • Thank you for donation
  • Retention piece
  • Event giveaway
  • Community Building

Sports Teams

  • Season ticketholders
  • Promotion
  • Levels or tiers
  • Kids program
  • Promote fandom

Other Successful Uses:

  • Employee incentive
  • Reward
  • Tradeshow or event promotion
  • Holiday gift


  • Festivals
  • Races
  • Parties
  • Fundraisers

When is the best time or program to incorporate Found ID?
We find the best adoption is usually surrounding an event that is significant to your customer. They just became a customer or had a life event like bought a new house or car, got married or had a child. Here are some other proven strategies:
  • Back to school
  • New tiers in a program
  • About to travel
  • Part of a promotion
  • Lapsed customers
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Along with a dividend
  • Referrals
  • Tradeshow giveaway
  • Employee incentive
  • Promo before an event
  • Life event
We’ve helped organizations tweak and create strategies to leverage their best adoption rate and would love to help build a solution that’s best for your customers.