More visibility and exposure in your customer's lives creates results — results you can measure. Found ID is a value-add benefit and promotional piece that doesn't involve discounting, it leverages your branding and increases the perceived value of your organization.

Boy with backpack

Found ID helps your customers form and maintain a positive emotional connection to your brand. While associating your brand with the experience of returning things, Found ID tags keep your branding your customer’s line of sight. Unlike other promotional items, which customers may use once and never look at again, the real utility of Found ID incentivizes your customers to keep your brand visibly with them at all times, which boosts loyalty, word of mouth referrals...

Research shows that publicly stating your affiliation or intention makes it much more difficult for people to go back on that statement. Our little billboards are truly public brand endorsements.

Luggage sporting a Found ID tag


When your logo is this visible in your customers’ everyday lives, they’re more likely to purchase from you than your competitors. This tool not only reinforces your organization to your very best customers, it can act as a tipping point to swing your not-so-regular customers, or customers who are more price-sensitive.

Found ID can help increase your retention rate. It costs 6-7 times more to find new clients than it does to keep an existing customer. Studies also show a 10% increase in customer retention equals a 30% increase in company value. Less holes in the bucket equal more sales. Our service is constant advertising that can help increase your share of wallet and keep the customers you have.

Backback sporting a Found ID tag


Organic referrals are the holy grail of loyalty marketing. Found ID sparks conversations with your customers' friends, family, co-workers and strangers when they see your billboard on your customers' items.

"Hey, what's that on your phone?" (Or luggage, keys, tablet, backpack, purse, glasses case…)

This gives your customers an opportunity to talk about your organization, why they like it, why they’re your customer. They become instant brand ambassadors.

"Do you like your insurance? What does that organization do? How was your trip?"

When we make purchase decisions we hope to talk to someone who can give us an unbiased review. If you can spark that conversation, you'll leverage one of the highest influencers in a new purchase decision and reinforce your customers' loyalty.