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The Backstory:

It all started in the back of a cab with an economist and a text message.

Our founder's daughter, while rushing out of a NYC cab, left behind her photography portfolio. Years of work, gone in an instant. To add insult to injury, two days later, his wife forgot her brand new camera in the back of another cab. Neither had any identification and no way for anyone who found their precious items to get it back to them. Entire web sites (http://www.foundcamera.com) and Facebook pages (https://www.facebook.com/groups/7884234733) and concerted media efforts (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/lost-found-fan-fan-camera-super-bowl-snaps-article-1.1019559) have been launched to try to reunite the things people find with their rightful owners. Instead of relying on the Herculean efforts by the finder, what if it were simply easy to contact the person who lost their wallet, phone, laptop, camera, diaper bag, luggage, purse, gym bag, backpack, passport, ID card... That's when the light bulb went off in over our economist's head.

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Peter, our founder, has been a professor of Economics for over 35 years. He also runs his own economic consulting business, taking him all over the country (yeah, he's busy). After successfully taking N2H2 public in the 90s, he decided to throw his hat back into the startup ring when he realized, out of necessity, there had to be an easier way to reunite people with their stuff. Peter is a pragmatist. He wanted to make it easy for a finder to contact the owner of the misplaced item, but wanted to ensure his daughter's personal information wasn't emblazoned all over her everyday items. He wanted something easy - which we found through research exponentially increased the return rate. We also discovered if we could create empathy with the finder we boosted our return rate as well. We also believe that given the (easy) choice, people tend to do the right thing. Those guiding principles have shaped Found ID into a research-based lost and found identification service that uses analog tags, everyday technologies and belief in our neighbors to help our misplaced items find their way home. What do you have to lose?

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Since Peter is a professor, our entire service is based in research. We're also busy testing our service to see if it works. Our return rate hovers around 92% and we have some fantastic stories about reuniting treasured misplaced items with their grateful owners.

How Found ID Works
Why Found ID Works

Found ID for Loyalty Programs:

Imagine... your customers' most important items with your logo on them.
How would that impact your sales, retention and bottom line?

Billed as one of loyalty's cutting-edge trends in the latest issue of Loyalty Management, Found ID is a lost and found identification service with the ability to customize our service to highlight your brand. When you give your best members this loyalty and branding tool, you not only create brand visibility, but you also reinforce your organization to your most important audience-literally creating brand stickiness.

Your customers will see your logo every day, multiple times a day.

  • Increase brand visibility
  • Improve loyalty
  • Create de factor brand endorsement
  • Garner goodwill when items are Found ID
  • Branding integrated into your members' everyday lives
  • Create praise in social media and traditional press
  • Surprise and delight your best customers

We don't think you can find a better loyalty system that ties in emotion and exposes your brand to so many eyes.

About Found ID

Found ID is a research-based lost and found identification service that allows our members to identify their everyday items without revealing their personal information. Our members label anything that's easy to misplace, but hard to replace with their unique Found ID using durable stickers and tags we provide. When found, the finder simply enters the ID into our secure system. Found ID instantly texts and emails our member with the contact info and message of the person who found their misplaced item. Found ID was founded in 2010 in Seattle, Washington and serves both individual consumers and loyalty and membership groups.

Press Contact:

Katie Bandstra

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Quick Facts:

  • 138,433 items left on Southwest Airlines flights
  • 139,000 cell phones left in Chicago taxis
  • 70% of items in lost and founds are never claimed.
  • We all lose things -- how can we not? We’re busiers and more mobile than ever!
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