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"FoundIt! is a useful service." Rated Best of the Best at NY Tech Day
Brand Manager, Erica, shares the story of FoundIt! at NY Tech Day.
“I was on a business trip and had left the hotel about an hour before. I got a text and an email at my last stop before going to the airport that the hotel had found my house keys. They must have fallen out of my briefcase. That would have been a sour homecoming!” – Nick*, Bloomington Hills, MI
“Every so often something does more than just pique our ‘technolust’. We knew this was one of those special products.”
“I took a friend to a dance recital and forgot my sunglasses in the theater…an hour later I got a FoundIt! Alert – one of the cleaning staff had found them. She was just as excited as me!” – Emma* , Pittsburgh, PA
“OMG!! My son lost his DSi weeks ago on a field trip and we just got an email - @foundittoday WORKED and it’s being RETURNED!” – Tweets from Lucy*, Los Angeles, CA
"FoundIt! benefits everyone."
"There is a place for people like me. The type of person who loses their stuff all the time. ... If you are like me, you will want to know about FoundIt!"
"FoundIt! acts as an electronic intermediary that can anonymously allow the finder and the owner to negotiate a return."
"FoundIt! solves the problem of returning misplaced stuff – hats, scarves, mp3 players, and in my case, the occasional digital camera – to their owners."
"I truly love this product and one day hope everyone has their own FoundIt! ID and we can just be part of a world where everything lost is found again!!!"
"I had JUST bought FoundIt!, put it on all my stuff and went to watch some music. I’m dancing away and I get a text message, ‘FoundIt Alert: I found your wallet near the stage’. I didn’t even know it was missing!" – Melissa*, Seattle, WA
I feel like I often find things I’d love to return–but have no way to do so ... FoundIt! helps you get back lost items."
I absolutely love this idea...

I worry about letting strangers know where we live, so this gives us the best option of getting our stuff back while staying safe.

The stickers are small but easy to read and it contains all the information needed for a finder to return the item to their owner.

I don't know about you but between myself, my husband and my child I can think of qu…

“I LOVE this service and will definitely be renewing through the years! Everyone needs this...seriously!”
"I would highly recommend this site to any person or family! It is never fun to lose something that you care for – whether its your favorite sweater, or your mP3 player…you will never have to worry about losing something again with this great system from FoundIt!."

As soon as I received my stickers and tags, I was immediately impressed with the overall quality of materials.

The process of reporting finding my "lost" item was so simple. If the finder had to report the item on a website or make a phone call, I could see some people thinking it is too much hassle to bother with, but when all it takes is a quick text, there is no excuse not to report…

FoundIt! is the answer to my prayers.
This safely and anonymously makes sure that even if misplaced, my family's possessions have a good chance at being recovered without revealing our personally identifying information.

As a mom, this gives me peace of mind.

I know I can't afford to just replace expensive electronics should they go missing.

A few years back I lost something even more precious to me – my camera. I was devastated, all of the pictures I took for several months were gone, not to mention the value of a camera. It is hard to lose our things, especially things of value. Now there is a company, FoundIt!, that can help.

When you think it what it could possibly save you, it is a great value.

While there are cutesy labels for children who forget their backpack or sippy cup, there hasn’t been any good solutions for all the stuff us parents cart around with us, especially when you consider that the items we lose are likely to be in public and thus with strangers. That’s where FoundIt, a Seattle based company, comes in.
I actually put the service to the test when I "lost" my computer in the safety of my own house. Within minutes, I had a message and an email letting my know my item was found!

How great is that?

I can't think of one reason why this service wouldn't be an valuable asset to anyone! You can place a label on your kids' electronics, their book bag and their keys, your keys and luggage, …

What an awesome idea! This is one of those ideas that I wish I would have thought of myself!

I lose things ALL the time and have found that my faith in humanity has not let me down! With FoundIt!, I save hours of time trying to figure out where I left the item, and just be able to go pick it up! I already have it on all my credit cards (that is my downfall) and even my sunglasses.

[My daughter] ...recently lost her retainer (one of those suckers only costs $500!), and let me tell you the panic I was in when we couldn’t find. I’ve written on her retainer container 100 times already, but it eventually always rubs off. That is why I was super excited to try this out! I’ve got a label on her retainer, her glasses container, my key chain, my cell phone...

Anything …

I was worried about my privacy at first but after reading about how FoundIt! protects your identity, I think it's fabulous! I now feel a bit less worried when my daughter wants to take her Leapster Explorer out to the park etc because if we happen to forget it, the chances for recovery are increased with FoundIt! and our information is protected from whoever does find it... it's worth the investm…
“Over three days, I randomly dropped three unique sets of keys with FoundIt! tags in various locations in my city. Based on my experience, FoundIt! delivers. The product really works! “
I think we have labeled just about everything possible with a FoundIt! sticker or tag, yet my kids keep looking for more things. There are even tags you can put on your keys. Let’s face it, how often do we lose those? My kids lose their house key all the time...

We even have a FoundIt! tag on our dog’s collar.

This is truly an awesome idea.

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