Why Found ID Works

The power of empathy.

Found ID works because we have tapped into the human psyche and found out what motivates people to return things.

Proven research show that 70% of all lost items are actually turned in somewhere (you just don't know where).1 Other studies by Milgram, the University of Michigan and Purdue show that you can boost your return rate if you:

Found ID has it down to a science on how to motivate people to return lost items.
Make it easy to return2
Allow Finders to be anonymous3
Let the Finder know the item is important to you4

Found ID does all of these and more. Our language is deliberately designed to create an empathetic reaction and evoke an emotional response to drive action. (It's hard to keep a phone with a sticker on it that says, "You're my hero!" and gives clear, easy instructions on how to get in touch with the owner.)

Our research exponentially improves the odds of getting your stuff back!

1 Milgram, S., The Individual in a Social World. New York: McGrawHill
2 West, M. D., Losers: "Recovering Lost Property in Japan and the United States". Law & Society Review
3 Deaux, K., "Anonymous Altruism: Extending the Lost Letter Technique." The Journal of Social Psychology
4 Ibid
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